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‘Women Exploitation in Modern Society’

In today’s generation women are going through so many problems but then also they are very strong with their opinion and patience about things will get change about society thinking. They should not be judged all the time on their appearance, education, caste and many more things. Women are not safe in this generation many things are going on. Rape cases are increasing day by day, dowry- related crime, abusing, molestation, sexual harassment and many more. In this case the no. Of cases increases because of not taking serious action towards crime the criminal are freely do whatever they want because of this more cases of rape and molestation are increasing. Women’s are not safe in this periods because of such people and there thinking towards women’s like they should not get educated, they should not wear short clothes. Society always do comparison between genders there is no such thing that women can’t do it. Women’s are very much stronger than men. If women can bring life from there body than there is nothing that women’s can’t do it. Giving birth to child is painful that women go through. They struggle all the time they don’t have holiday or vacation they do cooking, job, children whole family all the work alone that power should be motivated and praised rather than doing comparison. Nowadays women’s are giving same level competition to men at all the field. As we see in news channels women’s are fighting for their rights they has their opinion towards right and wrong. Many organization and NGO are there to support women if anything wrong is going on. To get justice for women who facing lot of problems NGO supports that women. Nowadays social media is playing major role towards women empowerment and justice as we know celebrity keep posting and support if anything wrong is happening and through that many people get to know about women’s problems. On other side some pages of media spread negativity also by giving fake news that change people opinion which is wrong. Media plays a vital role towards society as they influence public opinion. In Television and advertising its mainly show women related topics because it grab the attention of audience but in that some show inspirational and some portrayed in such a way that should not been shown in television that is wrong every time women is not the object to portrayed in a negative way. Women’s these days are focusing towards their career and becoming independent and gives earn that equal respect. Many business women’s are successfully running their business with dignity. And some business women’s gives inspiration to other women to get independent and fight for themselves not to get scared of anything they should work with dignity and honesty. Many uneducated women’s are also start doing there small business which shows that women’s doing work with patience and honesty can get their dreams come true. Women’s has that power they make the best from the worst. They always take negative things in a positive way to challenge themselves. They should get equally respect and motivated. Lastly, Women’s can face every problem with patience and smile.