Harriet Beecher Stowe has rightly quoted that: “Women are the real architects of the society”. But sadly they are never acknowledged much in this male dominant society. They are indispensable like air: it’s invisible but necessary for our survival! It’s relieving to know that women empowerment is the trending topic currently, but at the same time it is disheartening to see a few of them try to razzmatazz the topic. If you genuinely try to introspect a woman, you’ll get to know that “Women” is an endless topic and you can get the entire story behind her, only when you venture deep into her soul.

We hear the cliched comment by men, ”Women are too complicated”. Yes, they are indeed! She can be crying a million rivers inside, yet she’ll never forget to put on her best make up – her smile, and how effortlessly she puts it on is something beyond words. Even if her pillows were wet ’cause of the tears you gifted her the previous night, she’ll wake up the next morning and continue to care for you like nothing ever happened. Even if she complains of the work-load at home and workplace, she’ll ensure that none of you go to bed with an empty stomach. She carries her grief like pearls on a string. She may have never asked for a paycheck against the million-dollar worth errands she runs on a daily basis; it’s because she only expects a smile as acknowledgment. Her mind beams with joy and feels accomplished when she sees you go to bed peacefully every night, even though her mind maybe in turmoil. A woman can execute the role of a father quite effortlessly. But can a man do so the other way?

“No nation can rise to the height of glory unless your women are side by side with you” – Muhammad Ali Jinnah has rightly said. If men are the ones who earns for the family, women are the ones who binds the family together. She is not called a home-maker without any reason. It’s only because she shows full-on dedication in fulfilling both the words, to make her home a better place to live in. The job of a house-maker is the most difficult job in the world and can be done so exquisitely only by women, without demanding much attention or salary because if we try to pay it with money, it will always turn out to be less. Skills acquired cannot be found in any handbook, nor can we depend on any.

A woman is a multi-tasking-living robot. But that doesn’t deprive her off the rights to express her emotions. Common exclamations among people being, ” Don’t start with your tantrums now!” , “Could you stop shedding tears for no reason, it’s no big deal?!”, “Must be one of your mood-swings” and so on. She is a human too, she too has feelings. When they prioritize their dear ones’ issues more than theirs, that doesn’t mean that they don’t have any. Talking about menstruation – a taboo still in certain parts : Can you shed that amount of blood and still continue working just to spread happiness to your dear ones?! It isn’t that easy to work when you have a volcano bursting inside you. Yes! she’s a fighter- a fighter to dispel darkness and illuminate the lives of everyone around her. A fighter who may forget to fight for herself in the journey of life!

Should a woman be ‘bold and beautiful’ ? No, she should be what she wants to be!