We all are so obsessed with our physical appearance. We spend so much time comparing ourselves with others. We feel inferior and unconfident if we do not match the so-called ‘beauty standards’. Ignoring the talent we have and spending the time to be better at it, we spend time finding out anything that will make us look better, make us look beautiful. Why is looking beautiful so important for us? Why do we define somebody beautiful as- fair, tall, slim, having big eyes, sharp nose, long and thick hair and clear skin?

Let me share my personal story with you.

Physical appearance didn’t matter much to me when I was a child. When I hit adolescence, I suddenly started paying attention to how I looked. I was short, dark, had pimples and used braces. I felt hesitant to start a conversation with my teachers and anyone new as I thought they would judge me. I felt low in self-esteem. I used to cry whenever my friends or relatives passed bad comments on my looks. My mother would console me and tell me you are beautiful- you have a beautiful soul. It was during this time that I started taking part in theatre. My teachers noticed the ‘introvert me’ and began praising me. Children from other classes asked me how I portrayed the blind girl so well! I started feeling good and recognized. I learnt that what matters is how you talk, how you present yourself, what are the good qualities you possess and if you have talent, people will notice you and appreciate you.

We all are beautiful in some way or the other. What is important for us is to rise above the conventional notions of beauty and discover ourselves, discover our hidden talents, learn our strengths and weaknesses, and be confident about how we are.

Because after all, physical appearance is not a scale to measure success in life. If we have the right qualities, are hardworking, determined, sincere and passionate, we can achieve anything we desire. Last but not the least, be a good human being because no amount of “physical beauty” will ever be as valuable as a beautiful heart.