“Why do you do this? This is not your thing!’

“You must have been a guy!”

“You are a girl!!”

My question- ‘So what?’

Time and again, I’ve heard this and I still do keep hearing it. Why?

Let me answer your questions first and then you answer mine!

So let’s start!

I’m the member of an empowered subculture. We welcome all, but no one will understand. The main problem is that people judge before they know the facts. Before stereotyping, know what the reality is.

Do you want to be slim? “Yes, of course” would be your answer.

What I have observed is that a woman is feminine and attractive when she is slim. People find it attractive and are wooed by the women who are slim, or most likely who have thin bodies, their hands thin, their shoulder blades and knees protruding out, their collar-bone visible and bones and some more bones. They call it ‘sexy zero-size figure’. I have been there and trust me, it’s no way ‘sexy’ and not at all a ‘figure’ you should be proud of. It all looks like a result of malnutrition and it’s not good at all. You have low confidence levels and what good can you portray when your shoulders are slouched? Being fat and stout is much better than being that malnourished woman you want to be.

It was after this phase that I sought weight-lifting to be my savior. And, it worked! I felt much more confident, with an increase in level of esteem and a better body, of course. And all the negativity put up by people is just a noise somewhere in the background. Maybe that’s just because either they are uneducated or ignorant.

Let me ask you when you think that weightlifting makes you more of a man, then does that imply that men who don’t lift makes them more of a women? When was weightlifting assigned the meaning of masculinity?

So let’s get educated right here!

You should know that women have the same number of muscles as men. When you weight-lift, the muscles tear and repair and that’s how they become visible. So when women weight-train just the right way, these muscles gets toned. It will just enhance their feminine curves.  You won’t get all muscled up instantly, ladies! This is because you don’t produce enough testosterone. But if you want to get all that muscles you need to work out a lot and regularly, maybe spend half of your day at gym.

Weight-training will result in fat loss and gain in lean muscular mass. It will give you more than a perfect look you ever wanted. How would you feel if you had well defined sets of biceps and triceps, also quads and glutes, and maybe drool-worthy abs, and all well-toned?

That’s why I would suggest you weight-lift and eat right, instead of starving to a skinny dead woman. I’m sure you won’t regret the decision. Let’s make these muscles achieve their motive. Let’s redefine what is feminine and attractive, let’s show that we are the result of hard work. And more of all- stop judging!

We are fighting a battle already, make it easy by supporting!