Yes, it changed!

I still remember few months back when I was taunted, questioned and laughed at when I was into weight-training. Weight-training is not considered something a woman should do. I didn’t get all muscled up, I just toned my muscles. Just the right amount! I made sure that I had a well-defined set of biceps and triceps, toned abs and slightly toned quads. And I was laughed for that?

Two months back, instead of simply training, I started posting certain photos on Instagram and that’s where magic happened. I wasn’t a fan of social media until then. I rarely post photos on the net, but I am glad I took this step. I was a little hesitant at first, but on seeing the response I was motivated. Comments and appreciation messages from fitness freaks and enthusiasts from over the globe boosted my spirit. When I returned to my hostel/ college, many people, even those who I never spoke to were all appreciating me. And when I say this, I don’t mean only the girls, this time it was the guys too. Not only that, I received many calls and messages from some of my school friends, that they have started working out watching me. It felt good! Funny, ain’t it?

Being honest, I never planned this. I never wanted to bring a change in anyone, but I had no issue if I did. I was just working out because I wanted to build a new me! A strong me! I never expected any outside gains from it other than my muscle gains. I was all focussed on myself. I didn’t want someone else to define my identity. I wanted to build one. And maybe that’s where the change came from. At the beginning it was all about me and the fact that I didn’t want to be me anymore. I wanted a new me. And I’m happy I did. I changed me and a little of everybody around me. The circumference of the people who were actually influenced is small, but that’s how change comes in. Small steps at a time!

I changed something! I made few people realise that weight-training has no gender!

And yes, I did it!