One of the biggest stars of the 90s, Manisha Koirala was the perfect example of a self-made woman. She came from Nepal, had no godfather in the industry and yet, pretty much managed to rule the 90s.

The actress who was once at the top of her game in Bollywood had to go through a lot of adversities in life. There came a time in her career when her movies flopped left, right and center and she lost her foothold in Bollywood. Things in her personal life also fell apart as her marriage broke off and she was also diagnosed with cancer. But, despite all the despair, Manisha emerged a winner in life. Not only did she handled her professional failure well, she also took cancer head on and it was her strong will that emerged a winner at last.

A person who has gone through such extreme circumstances in her life, ought to be an evolved one. And when she took the TEDx stage to pass on her wisdom, she gave away some precious life lessons that are must to abide by.


Her life was definitely inspirational to each and every woman out there, who just cry out for some small issues, was this lady fought her fear. Here are some inspirational advise,  that every millennial should take into account:



With her personal and professional life seemingly back on track, Manisha Koirala is an embodiment of faith and inspiration. Now, She is ready to make her comeback with Dear Maya and we can’t wait to see the 90’s beauty back on screen weaving her magic yet again.

In Conclusions, I can say that Life is actually beautiful place to live in for Women. No matter what problem we go through just be brave, strong and have the courage to fight all the obstacles around. So just be happy live your dreams.