Coming out of the joint family thing, we see people heading for a settled nuclear family. At times it is good but it also comes with some drawbacks. Changing era has given us a good transformation to see when it comes to our social believes and practices. No doubt we still lack in some areas but things are working at their own pace. One of the major transform is seeing women going out for jobs. It’s a good initiative taken by them.

When someone is to get married in today’s date we see both bride and bridegroom’s qualification. Some men specifically want their lady to be working. So things have come up quite well. If you see females, they don’t want to restrict themselves to just normal graduation and that’s it. They are very much interested to use their creativity and abilities to every extent they can. They do each and every possible effort to stand on the same platform as men. What makes them cherish the most is being given that tag of ‘In-dependent’. They always want to go out of the way, to have themselves recognized. But what the question arises is; are only the working women or the ones doing jobs are independent? Do your job describes that you can stand out a crowd? Does this word ‘being independent’ limits to going out for job?

I don’t think it is, and I guess no one should think it so. You may not agree with me, but if you see practically, doing a job is not the only aspect of being independent, there is many more in it. Simply waking up, getting ready and making everything ready set go for your job and earning money doesn’t define you individualistic. What most of the ladies in India have in their mind is that they need to earn money to be sovereign. I am afraid but it’s not just money and your going out which makes you a maverick, its your voice.

You may be working or a house-maker, but what matters is, you have a hold. You have an image of yours made up when someone reads your name. You can stand out in public and tell that this thing is to be this way. You have capability and courage to complete your work on your own. You have that determination to achieve your goal on your foot. You don’t have to see someone’s face or don’t need to wait over something to get your chores resolute. If this is not what comes to your mind as for being untrammeled and headstrong, I guess you don’t what it exactly means. I don’t know if you have the same belief but I think is that being a married women, what comes first is, her home and family. Its no wrong to work and earn but, when you do it at the cost of your priority deals and home, its no worth. Because if you can’t get your place sorted how come you can manage somewhere outside. So, if you can’t do a job don’t make it an issue or don’t feel going dependent on someone. In one way or another you are surely contributing something. There are many more things that count rather than just money.

Think differently.