‘Pink’, ‘English Vinglish’, ‘Nil Battey Sannata’, ‘Highway’ and there are endless movies along with number of NGOs being set up to lead this ‘Rise Women’ movements. Its been a while I have been listening to that loud banners of ‘women empowerment’, and I can not find that why still this is a hot topic. I guess what people don’t know is, for whom basically these content are set up! Yes this everything holds a message for society but more importantly its for women themselves; the daily working ladies. When you know that you are hungry, some one can cook or may be buy food for you, some one can serve you beautifully but at last only you have to eat it with your own hand. Its simple, you gotta live, you gotta breathe. No matter how many NGOs are being set up, no matter how supporting your family is, no matter how lovely your peers are its only you at the end who have to race. Yes my queens, you don’t need the courtiers but just a ‘vision’ to rule.

Rewind yourself and think of the time we all were given different tasks at school to do, mentioned as co-curricular activities. Ever wondered why the school made us do that? We all know that all of us are not good dancers, not all of us sing well and not everyone can get ‘topper’ tag. That’s why school gave us a chance to find that hidden talent within us. Then why do women cannot explore themselves the moment they step out of the school? Are they just brought up to do that one task of house making only? I tell you one one important thing that my this previous question is for the society but for all the ladies who think they are just the pole supporting the canvas.

Mahatma Gandhi’s one of the famous saying is-“Be the change you want to see”. I have just read it once and surprisingly I am able to fix it in every situation. Because at very first, its always about the inner you, no matter what the trouble is. One main setback of dominance of women is not that men dominate them its that women let themselves be dominated by men. I want all the amazing women out there to just go in front of mirror and have a look, not on your face but the charm that resides behind that layer of flesh. Does the moment makes you proud, are you satisfied with the air you breath in, is there something missing? If something bothers you, trust me only you can fight and overcome it because only you have walked your way. I guess its no bad to be little selfish unless you have reached your goal. And when it comes to you dream just close your eyes and say “i will and i can do that for sure”. Unless and until you are not cleared with the facts how come you can give a presentation to the table. Its all start with you and you inner self and then the rest of the world lies.

Women empowerment is not about letting women earn money or go out independently but it is about giving all those moms, sisters, wives and every women, a platform and an obsession to fly as invincible. Hold your breath tight with an eagle vision and tiger mind with a leopard craze to win the race. Once you are determined stone strong i bet there are no boundaries to your capabilities. You just need to take one step ahead, doesn’t matter may be small, may be large, after all-” boond boond se banta hai sagar”. Just lit that fire bird inside you and see the fireworks!


  1. Anshika

    A good write up, Gurpreet!
    I would like to add on my views on this eye catching quote you used
    “You gotta live, you gotta breathe.”
    The power lies within you. No matter how rough the circumstances are. If you gotta live, you gotta face those challenges. Never quit or never think that i cannot do this. Down the line every human being have a fear of losing. To overcome that fear you need indomitable courage…and for courage, there is something at stake always. But face those rough times with nothing to lose, is real courage. If you face your fears no matter how small or big they are…YOU ARE A HERO. If i am afraid of dark and i cannot climb those dark stairs i’ll use some aid…if the other day maybe with the use of flashlight I climb those same stairs..then YES, I AM A HERO. I faced my fear.
    A hero lies within every individual. Give your hero the right cape and fly my dear friend.
    May the world always be kind towards you 🙂