And again the Women’s of our nation made us PROUD. It was moment of cherish to watch the women of our country turning out to be the strength of our nation, which held respect in eyes of every citizen. Sovereignty, secularism, unity and integrity, words beholding the Constitution, denoted their actual beholder.

India celebrated its 69th REPUBLIC DAY. A grand parade, watched by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji giving huge respect to the authorities. As reported by NDTV;


“An all-women contingent of the Border Security Force or BSF performing daring bike stunts was among the most stunning spectacles at the parade. Stunts like “fish riding, side riding, faulaad, peacock and Saptarishi”, with the women constables in incredible formations, were cheered wildly by the crowds.”

The peacock stunt

India’s military might and cultural heritage were on full display at the Republic Day parade. Stunts shown were spectacular drawing one of the loudest cheers from the audience as well as dignitaries like President Ram Nath Kovind and ASEAN leaders.

The mesmerization was such that it stunned the people.


According to the reports of THE HINDU;

“As per tradition, the BSF and the Army’s bike-borne ’daredevils’ end the parade on alternate years. But this time, members of the BSF’s women motorcycle team ‘Seema Bhawani’ replaced their male counterparts.

Led by sub-inspector Stanzin Noryang, the team showcased its driving skills with daredevil stunts like Salute to President, Fish Riding, Side Riding, Faulaad, Prachand Baalay Shaktiman, Mobile PT, Bull Fighting, etc.

Over a 100 women riding as many as 26 350cc Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycles enthralled the spectators many of whom men, women and children were on their feet and clapped throughout the display.”


It caught the sight of every form of media and prints. The women chosen from the BSF force range from 25-30 years, and are from various combats. It took a lot of courage and strength to expose you inner self in front of Nationalities.