That one is the only needed, who seems beautiful before every starry glimpse. Whose smile makes your day and whose touch sets you free. The one who when passes by, makes your world complete. Yes, that love for that one special can’t limit, that feel of completeness which makes you go crazy and lets you fall for him each time you meet him can never stop. How pious are those sensations you get when are with your most loved. You feel like you are on the seventh cloud. Those magical moments, you can’t even explain. There are your life’s one of the best seconds to be locked in your heart.

But, what if a day comes and you steps into reality that it was only you into it? How would it be when the whole house smashes down in a moment? It takes no time to let the drops roll down the cheeks. It’s not in your hands to stop stating your destiny as guilty. But what can you do? Nothing! It’s your fate; your hand’s lines. If you can’t get what you wanted or what you were assuming to be yours, that one day will come when you gotta leave you dreamy world and face the real air. You can’t change one’s mind one’s heart; you make someone feel the same way you feel. So you need to lift yourself up from being disheartened. I know its quite easy to say but actually hard to implement but you ought to go on with your life.

This is for all those women ditched by their husbands, all the divorcees, all the widows and also for the girls who get heart-broken. Yes you have been in a very good and sweet world before but when you confront this, you try hard but even after that when there is seriously nothing left that you can do, please stay profound. Stay like a nice old tree; strengthen your roots. Because there is nothing left you can do, so why to cost other important things for the sake of one? That one might be the most important but its not advisable to back down just because you didn’t get what you were genuinely expecting. No matter if you cry, cry the most, cry like a baby, and cry as much you can. But after you cry don’t ever let those tears wash away other corners of heart. When its not in your hands, you have no say in it. Understand its your test; a paper than defines your strength and aplomb. Nothing ends with only one thing breaking down. Hang on for some time, collect yourself and rise up again like never before. You need to move on. Get lodged in different activities. Make yourself busy, stay into one or another deal. Yes it will take time but if you are determined you can surely come up with it. If it comes to your mind that how can you just forget something you loved so much, then please understand that its not about leaving but its about not letting it ruin your whole circle. Its ok to go low for some minutes, but the intelligent will make other things suffer for this one break- down.

Your every day teaches you something. You can’t have a hold on someone’s mind; you can’t make someone love you. Remember nothing is life; everything is a part of life. Don’t let yourself go micro for something you can’t control.

Stay optimistic, what happens, happens for good.