A Woman, A Girl and A Lady is one of the Beautiful creation of God,

Showering her respect as a loving daughter,

Feel her love in the form of a Sister,

Feel her warmth in the form of a Wife,

She cares deeply for her Husband and Children. And She puts the needs of her family before her desires.

She is the woman of strength and noble character walked by faith.

She isnt so much a lesson on getting up early in the morning, sewing cloths, cooking and handles all the household chores and office work by her own or achieveing perfection.

She gives the gift of her thoughtfulness, She shows her caring nature with a word of support.

Her understanding with a brightful smile, which fills the room in much positive vibes.

She brings Joy and Happiness to others, Just by herself.

She believes that prayer is most important and valueable Gift to someone, she cares for.

God created man first before creating a woman, because its always good to make rough picture first. And create a Beautiful Masterpiece.