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Samriti Sharma
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Water undoubtedly is one of the most precious element of the earth. And accordingly there arises a need to save water and thus save the environment as a whole. Water basically is the source of life on earth, that should be preserved. All human activities are basically dependent on water for almost all the primary activities.
Many programs and schemes have been introduced to conserve water for the future generations. The Government itself has undertaken many new policies for clearing the rivers and providing safe drinking water to people for drinking. As we know atleast 71% if earth surface is covered with water. Water is both a valuable and a scare resource which requires us to not waste it at all.
Water shortage has now become a common problem in India and across globe. Water is not only used for drinking purposes but also used for irrigation, agricultural activities and all other domestic purposes. Depletion of water year by year is a threat to the human existence as a whole. Changes in weather and increase in Global Warming can be considered as the most important reasons for scarcity of water.
Life without water is unimaginable and so should be conserved with the help of the government and other institutions.