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Samriti Sharma
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House and Family like why do we want women’s lives to be confined in these two things only. In every household in India when a girl enters her teenage she’s taught various household work just with the same intention of helping her to understand her basic duty.
Her career choices can be kept on hold but not her responsibility towards home. She is bound towards these things in certain unexplained manner as the mother’s usually state the expectations of being homely for a girl to be normal. There was a time when women were provided education but instead of this were forced to sit back home and quit their rewarding careers. One reason for the same was that men have always been considered the bread earner of the family and women have been expected to look after home and children. Our society has been sticking on to these particular rules for over years now and this can also be considered as the reason for backwardness of our Indian Nation. We’ve been adopting various modern lifestyle but when it comes to mindset we as a society have been unsuccessful to cope up with the changing times.