Samriti Sharma
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Women’s have undoubtedly played an important role throughout Pandemic, while most of the population had to sit home during COVID-19. Women with their responsibilities and duties increased had to work tirelessly for their respective families. Working women had to manage their work with domestic work. Women’s job became vulnerable and overall economy of the nation was hit bad.
Covid 19 did not only affect our physical health but also mental health with all that death rate increasing day by day, the front line worker’s outside the house and women within houses had made it safe for us all. Covid 19 us the second most dangerous influenza after the Spanish flu. Women have coped up with the extra workload. The duty to take good care of everything and everyone by ensuring family a good health was not at all an easy job. As per the data according to 70% women are a part of frontline health care workers which includes your doctor, nurses etc who have served the nation to the best.
With this there also has been a significant rise in violence against women which includes domestic violence, cruelty, maternal health issues, abusive environment for children etc.
And so here it can be stated that COVID 19 was no।less than a crisis for women in India and across the globe.