Samriti Sharma
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I would like to begin by stating the Fact that Modern World has partially failed to acknowledge full potential of women in workspace specifically. It is no surprise that women across the Globe today have acquired positions of higher importance through their struggle and dedication, but here also a question arises that are they able to enjoy their position and power that has been vested in them?
The answer to the above mentioned question bus clearly no, as women have been underrepresented and underestimated in too tier jobs too be it administrative, management or business. Our society has evolved over years to continue being critical for women irrespective of the fact they are working or homemakers people have got to say something every single time. Today women in Administrative field like politics, government parties are just holding their position because the law of the land provides so and not because the people around us feel that we too have opinions, suggestions that could be taken note of. Same is the situation in big Multinationals and Managerial positions where the voice of women is still suppressed by either not appreciating and accepting her viewpoints or simply just by ignoring whatsoever she suggests.
There are however, many other important issues which women have to face almost in every sphere of life and work which are as follows:-
1. The foremost reason I’d like to discuss here is of leadership. Even today Men don’t find it desirable to be lead by a team of women or a single woman for that matter. The male ego issue suggests that men should never be the one to follow the footprints of a woman but it should be vice-versa as that is the norm of the patriarchal society which has been engrained in the mindset of people even today.
2. Supportive Home & Family
Especially in India there still exists male preference, son’s over daughters. This is the main reason why even today many girls still struggle for the basic education. After education also it’s mostly a girl child who has to prove herself, there still a villages in India where career choices are made by parents on behalf of their children. The lack of support by parents, family, home is the main reason for the downfall of ambitious women in our country.
Regardless of the fact that we are progressing globally and nationally why on earth are we still not appreciating the efforts, the work, the passion, position of a women which she’s occupied through determination and competence. Despite ba progressive world all around bus why are we still stuck on orthodox beliefs and systems which directly hamper the growth of a woman in society.