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Samriti Sharma
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This statement is not true, in a modern world that we live in today working women are an active example of women upliftment and development in society. Why do we only question women’s responsibility be it as a working mother or, as a working wife. Why do we want her life to be confined till home?
As far as the statement above is concerned working mothers do not hinder the development of their child but rather promote it. A educated women who is well aware of the world outside is capable enough to guide her child accordingly. The power of education with regard to working mothers is such that women alone are in position to decide for the future of their children. From best career choices to being able to understand various problems or aspects of a modern world working mothers are no less than a blessing for their children today. It is very important to keep pace with the changing times and working mothers today are trying their level best to guide their children.
Motherhood is one such job we can say, who performs her duties towards her child and family out of unconditional love and affection always. A mother never compromises the development of her child with her work irrespective of the fact that she’s a working mother or a homemaker. Efforts of a working women should be given equal importance and such women should be encouraged, motivated as it would lead to the good of the society as a whole.