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Aditi Sahu
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Pandemic has worsened the struggle for working class, and the most affected group of working class would have to be working women. There are many women whose employment depends on the odd jobs offered at rich households, but the pandemic has made it difficult for them to get these types of jobs. Pandemic has mandated for the people to be physically distant and maintain extra precautions to not catch the coronavirus, and this has led to fear among the people. Consequently, a lot of rich households decided to not employ any household workers leading to the women working in household work industry to go unemployed. And sadly, women working in household work industry are not the only ones affected.

Even the women in private sector with jobs have to do their work from home, and while might sound easier to do than in an office, but such is not the case. It becomes very difficult for women to work from home, especially in a society like ours where women doing household chores are given more priority than the ones engaging in job. So all in all, pandemic has really exacerbated the struggle of the working women.