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Samriti Sharma
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I partially agree with all the view points mentioned above. To begin with yes, it is the Harsh truth that women in India are still being victims of inhumane crimes, the pain suffered by these victims is unbearable be it mentally, physically or emotionally. However, it here also becomes important to acknowledge that the various laws passed by the parliament which are being implemented actively by our judicial system serves the same purpose, which is to inflict a punishment on the wrongdoer. There are various provisions under the law which indeed enable a person without discrimination on the basis of caste, sex, creed, colour,to protect themselves from the eminent danger. Section 96-106 of the Indian Penal code explicitly mention certain provisions dealing with private defence of the person as well as property.
Victims of rape or gangrape have been protected under section 375 to 376D, where punishments are made more stringent. To provide the women the right to punish her own culprit would be a complete failure of the judicial system of the nation along with democracy, while we all support the victims of a particular crime, we should also show some faith in the judiciary of the country. We all are we aware of the principle of natural justice that ” A person is presumed innocent until proven guilty” this right would stand in complete violation of the same. While in most of the cases women are the victims of heinous crimes, there also have been instances where men have been falsely implicated. The law seeks to protect all on equal footings, so it here becomes necessary to follow the procedure mentioned in various enactments to punish ba person for the crime committed because an innocent shouldn’t suffer clearly. I do here understand that the legal procedures are time consuming and lengthy but we shouldn’t forget that ultimate justice is served at the end. Taking the law into our own hands would do no good rather would promote illegal activities and harm the social harmony in a society. We live in a democratic nation where we all are governed by the law of the land and nothing against it shall be tolerated. Judiciary is the only branch of the government which works independently to maintain law and order in the society and is Majority responsible to grant justice and equity to the society.