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038 deepika Singh
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I believe that it is never too late to start learning a new skill. In present times women are educated but often they have to sacrifice their careers looking after their children and doing other household works. After a couple of years when women thinks to begin from where she left in her previous jobs; she found it hard and faced lots of difficulties. Everyday things are changing and the job market demand more expertise and exceptionally high levels of performance which becomes troublesome for those who left behind their career. Here are a list of online courses women can do.
• Digital Marketing Courses
• Computer Courses
• Interior Designing Courses
• Fashion Designing Courses
• Video Editing Courses
• Graphic Design Courses
• Teaching Courses
• Foreign Language Courses
• Makeup and Hairstyling Courses
• Yoga Instruction
• Content Writing Course
• Cooking Courses
• Photography and Videography Courses
• Child Psychology Courses
• Jewellery Designing Courses
• Dance Courses
• Entrepreneurship Courses
• Art and Craft Courses
There are various websites like coursera, great learning google garage that provide some of these courses for free.