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    Most of the housewives in their free time are not doing anything just by sitting and sleeping, watching drama on television instead of doing this they can do some free online courses and earn certificate this will help to gain skills and also turn in some source of income.
    digital marketing course:
    housewives can do this course they can closely understand how the digital world works and also it is very much in demand currently so housewives should definitely try doing this.
    MS Office:
    The MS is a very easy and helpful course for housewives they can manage everything with help of this course they can help their partner with making presentations and also to the children or plan budgets and bills in excel and many more such things.
    Making healthy recipes course:
    They can learn to make healthy recipes and serve to their family most housewives want to give some healthy food to their family so they can try this recipe from YouTube and other platforms for free.
    Yoga course:
    Most of the housewives are frustrated they have anger issues they can do yoga curse it will help them and benefit them dealing with such issues or so make their body fit. Meditation will also help.
    Fashion designing:
    Most of the women love styling them they enjoy wearing designer so they can do the short-term fashion designing course and make clothes or design for herself and family. It will give them an understanding of different fabrics also.
    Baking course:
    Women expert themselves in baking and housewives should try this course there are many occasions we need the cakes and other bakery things for celebrations can do this course and by keeping consistently practice then can open the bakery store for themselves and earn money.
    These are some courses which women can do.

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    Many Housewives usually finish their household chores to early and they get some free time. In that time they should do something for herself by learning online courses and search jobs of part-time or Work from home. Due to which their free time will be useful and it will get happiness for herself by doing course in which they are interested through which they will feel confident and independent.
    Free online courses for housewives in india as following:
    1. Cooking Course: Housewives loves to cook for their family. They used to cook daily at three times, due to which it becomes passion for some women. They can convert their passion into professionalism by learning online cooking course or by seeing videos on YouTube through which they will get to learn more different types of food dishes. Because of which they can also open their own YouTube channel and be financially independent.
    2. Baking Course: Many women has hobby to bake cakes and decorate with their unique ideas. Housewives can utilize their free time by learning free online baking course. Websites like Skillshare and udemy offers free baking course for women
    3. Fashion Designing Course: Women loves dressing up and pairing up with perfect Jewellery that suits the best for dress. Many women used to do stitching at home like for saree they can make a gorgeous dress, this shows that they has the passion to design clothes. Now, Women has the opportunity to learn online fashion designing course professionally
    4. Digital Marketing Course: This course is very demanding and women can also get benefit by learning this online course to open their own business on social media.
    These were the free online courses for Housewives through which they can learn and become independent. Women who don’t get a chance to fulfill their dreams they has the opportunity to follow their dreams through this online courses.

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