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Samriti Sharma
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Technology as a concept has been evolving throughout human history. Recent developments in technology have undoubtedly facilitated almost every aspect of our lives be it personal or professional. Particularly if we talk about role of technology in India with regard to women it has both negative as well as positive side like the two sides of the same coin. Women if specifically talked about have been provided a platform to acknowledge themselves independently, technology has offered us this opportunity today that we as women can speak fo what we feel is right, an option has been provided to us in a manner to stand out. The advent of technology has made our life’s comfortable and simple. It is because of technology only that women today are engaging in tertiary sectors because the work environment is made convenient with new technologies. Technology has directly and indirectly helped us to be in touch with the world around us which today is actively involving women too. Technology is not confined to a particular sector, we have the use of technology in almost every sector be it social, political, cultural or economic. And the most significant feature about the same is that it is available to all without any discremination on the basis of sex specifically.keeping pace with technology helps us to keep pace with the changing times, which directly contributes to the awareness of many socio-economic issues for women. Technology today has become an inseparable part of lives which has influenced many women to speak up against the odds and the wrongs suffered consequently encouraging them.