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038 deepika Singh
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From the moment babies are born, their assigned sex immediately begins to shape how they should be treated, what opportunities they should receive or how they should behave according to dominant gender stereotypes in their society. Since childhood a daughter is told to perform and learn all the house chores, since she is likely to get married eventually. A preference for sending boys to school is fuelled by a belief that all girls will eventually get married off. Therefore, investing in a girl’s education reaps little return because a girl who stays at home and learns how to take care of a family is of more value to a future husband. She is reminded multiple times that she needs to ‘behave’ as an inferior character since she is a ‘woman’. In many countries, girls and women do not have property rights. Only men are allowed to own or inherit property, having a son keeps assets in the family and makes sure parents will have somewhere to live when they get old. A woman is told to compromise her dreams in order to fit in the boxes of ‘stereotypes’ of our society. Many women fail to pursue their education and live the lives of their dreams due to the senseless typical mindset of our society. Some parents do their part by just graduating their girl and making them educated, skilled, ‘marriage material’ women.

Male and female are both equal and play a key role in creating and developing their families in their respective areas and in society in general. Nonetheless, the fight for equality became one of the movement ‘s core concerns worldwide. We need to understand that a woman is the man’s counterpart, not the lower.