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038 deepika Singh
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The COVID‑19 pandemic has created a profound shock worldwide, with different implications for men and women. But the most affected were women. Women’s experiences at home, their health, their work and economic wellbeing have been all negatively affected by the pandemic . Women have served on the frontlines against COVID‑19, and the impact of the crisis on women is stark. Mothers take on a greater share of tasks including their own work as well as facilitating learning for children and owning household responsibilities and with the pandemic the domestic burden significantly increased among women. Studies also suggests that there was a steep rise in the cases of domestic violence, abuse and harassment during the time of quarantine and isolation. Women played a key role in the health care response to the COVID 19 crisis. Women constitute an estimated two-thirds of the health workforce worldwide, and while globally they are under-represented among physicians, dentists and pharmacists, they make up around 85% of nurses. Hence, they are more exposed to major health problems.
The pandemic has been tough, and especially so for women. Women lost their husbands, the responsibility of raising their children alone came on their shoulders. Most working women and young girls found themselves in the endless cycle of cooking and cleaning at their home during the lockdown.