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038 deepika Singh
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Sexism, stereotyping and gender wage gap is one of the major issue faced my women of our country. It is all an ideology that believes that any gender most often women are inferior because of their sex. It exists in the way we speak, the words we write and the way we behave. It impacts women differently and to a greater extend than men. Sexism has been around us since childhood when boys are encouraged to act manly, be active and sporty while girls are told to act in gentle and ‘ladylike’ behaviour. It is there at the home, where women work is still limited to the household chores and looking after her family. It is there at the workplaces where they are constantly underpaid and not given much heed. It is there when men are ridiculed for earning less than their wives. It is there when women are harassed at each and every step of their lives. It is there on social media, where women heinous comments are passed on a girl whenever she posts anything. Sexism exists everywhere. It impacts both the genders, however the degree of impact for women is higher than men. It is high time we raise our voice and speak out every time anyone passes a sexist comment. Speak against it. Make them correct. Call it what it is.