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038 deepika Singh
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Right to choose is a human right and every individual should have it. Then why are women exempted from it? Many women across different parts of the world does not have the choice of pursuing their career. They do not have to choice to fulfill their life long dreams. They are stripped away from education and entitled to someone other man once they reach a certain age. Men are put with unlimited power in their hands to choose what they think is best for their wives, daughters, mothers or sisters. Our patriarchal society forces our women to keep their work limited to the household chores and serve their family. As a women enter a workplace they are already entering an unequal landscape that has been traditionally believed to be ruled by men. There is prejudice treatment against them at the time of hiring. They are judged on the basis of their marital status. They are even paid much less than men despite being on the same position and doing the same kind of job. Pay raise or training opportunities are some other issues faced by women at work. Problems like sexual harassment have become so common at workplaces that often women tend to ignore such treatments and do not report it due to the lack of support. They are often denied promotions being labelled as ‘women’- inefficient than men. All these practices preaches the idea of a women limited to being a mere ‘housewife’ serving her family.

In each and every aspect of life, all a woman does is sacrifice and compromise. Sacrifice their education, dreams, jobs and body. And somehow all this have been so normalized that we do not even pay much heed to it. We raise the issue of gender equality, gender stereotypes, sexism, feminism, patriarchy, but we fail to acknowledge the root cause behind all such matters. The right to choose. A woman has the right to choose the best for herself, whether she wants to step outside and work or she wants to stay inside her house and work and I believe that no one should intervene in it.