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Samriti Sharma
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Yes, The reservation of seats and jobs for women do partially indicate that they are fragile. The very concept of reservation was introduced to ensure the representation of various communities in education, employment and politics. It is the constitution of India that has recognised the same to protect the interests of those who weren’t given adequate representation by the dominating classes.
Women have been marginalized for centuries now, the inferior status of a women in our Indian society became a reason for such a reservation. It won’t be adequate here to say that women were weak as it is the result of continuous struggle led by ambitious women’s that we collectively are enjoying many rights and privileges at par with men today.
But yes it also becomes necessary to acknowledge that the scenario was not always like this, in a patriarchal society women have suffered many injustices in silence. Constant domination and male opression is another reason for reservation.
Reservation of seats for women in job and other platforms was granted with the objective to empower them and give them recognition in the society. This reservation for women has helped in building a sense of equality in our patriarchal society which should be encouraged as it’s a fact that various problems and issues related to women can be understood and raised by women leaders more actively and efficiently as they are more likely to associate with the injustice that has been prevailing.
Women empowerment is the need of the hour as has been started by Dr. B.R. Ambedkar ” The only way of measuring the development and progress of a community in a country would be the progress and growth of women in that community which is the real progress of the country”.