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Samriti Sharma
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Absolutely not! Fat shaming is downright unethical. Fat shaming as the name itself tells us is the act of critizing someone in particular for being fat or making them feel ashamed or embarrassed about the same.
How can we help someone by adding on to their insecurity publically?
It would be wrong to completely criticize the statement mentioned above as there are various people in present day society who believe in this mindset of making people feel embarassed about their body just to get them motivated to stay fit and healthy.
But on the contrary there also exists a group of people who believe that fat shaming does nothing good to a person rather makes them feel more terrible about themselves.
Fat shaming shatters the confidence of a person completely, I fail to understand here that how a negative outlook for something can yield a positive result. By fat shaming a person we are making that particular individual more fragile as they are not able to accept themselves and be comfortable in their own body, fat shaming is no motivation but a way of making a person feel worst about him or herself.
It becomes utmost important here to understand the position of the person being fat shamed here and the need to accept him/her as they are. Acceptance and self love is the key to motivation .