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Samriti Sharma
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Women’s safety is still the most important concern all over the world. Especially if we talk about the safety of a women in workplace various effective steps have been taken by our government with the passage of the time many new laws have been enacted for the same but all the efforts together are lacking as we have yet not achieved a secure environment for women.
As we all are aware of the fact that it was after the case of: vishakha and others vs. state of Rajasthan, that guidelines were issued by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India against the sexual harrasment at workplace.
In daily life women have to face many problems from traveling to the workplace till working their with the respective colleagues. In professionalism the principal to protect women from any kind of abuse is given priority but still Statics show us that every one out of three women are a victim of sexual offence in their workplace. Eve-teasing, outraging the modesty are some of the most reported incidents in workplace by women.
The government alone can’t resolve this problem, certain specific steps need to be taken by the basic small scale industries to the municipal corporations where women are employed. With the advancement of technology the cyber crimes are increasing significantly against women even in workplace, where personal data is being misused at a large scale by hackers which falls into the category of harassment.
Framing of stringent laws won’t alone serve the purpose but active implementation of the same is the need of the hour.