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Aditi Sahu
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Feminism is the movement that aims to fully take down patriarchy and achieve the liberation of women. Feminism has turned a lot more from a movement today, it has a become a belief, a belief for a better world, a free world for people of all genders. Feminism has become a ray of hope for people, hope for a better society, an accepting society.

Feminist movement has not only taught us what equality means, it has also helped us in understanding society in a better way. Feminism teaches empathy and acceptance. I feel that it is due to feminism that people are now more aware of how the patriarchy is so deep rooted in our country. And awareness is the first step in tackling any issue.

Feminism helps to understand that patriarchy is not only affecting women, but it also affects men. It is feminism that makes people aware of the fact that patriarchy needs to be taken down to build a country where people are treated equally, and are respected for being who they are.