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Samriti Sharma
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India is one of the countries which have highest rate of youth unemployment in the world. Unemployed person is the one who is actively looking for job but is not able to find or get one. The reason for the same is few or restricted opportunities being made available to the youth of the nation today. Complexity in education system leads to more complexity in employment opportunities as with the advancement of technology the interest of less educated or those who are not well versed with latest technology is comprised with those who have comparatively superseded the people by being in touch with the new coming generations adapting more easily to the changing environment,this is one of the factors of youth employment.
It is also one of the most important duty of the government in power to frame policies and initiate various programmes to generate decent employment for youth as they are directly the future of the nation.
Active employment opportunities should be provided to youth of country to reduce unemployment and to also enhance the economy of the nation. Providing enough employment opportunities to people is a basic wat to develop a nation with the skills and the efforts of the new generation.
Youth power in a country should be utilised to the fullest to reach its know potential.