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Aditi Sahu
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I totally disagree with the statement. If course, being a person who can adjust according to situations is all good and well, but compromising with something as big as your dream is stupidity unless you have a good reason for it. People have judgmental opinions on everything, literally everything, you can never stop people from judging you or looking down upon you. So your dreams should not be decided on the basis of what people will think or say. You only get this life once, and you should live it in the way that makes you happy.

As I said, you can never satisfy people, they will always find ways to critique your choices; what you can do instead is work towards a life that you yourself will enjoy, it will not only be good for your own mental health and well being but it will also radiate positivity for people around you. You will even inspire the future generations—be it your kids or just random strangers—to follow their dream and thrive in their lives. Always remember to live a life that you don’t regret, compromising with your dream will only make you realise in future that you gave up on something that would have wonders for you and your happiness. Obviously, it is not easy to always fulfil your dream, but giving up on it just because of the fear of what will people say is only going to give you regret in life. It will only fill you with self-hatred. So please never ever compromise with your dreams for the sole reason of what will people say. Live your life on your own terms and keep your head high!