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Samriti Sharma
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Gender discrimination has been in practice since ages in India. Women have been a victim of gender discrimination who suffer not only physically, emotionally but also mentally. It here becomes really important to acknowledge the effect of gender discrimination on women as they have been affected the most by it.
It is primarily because of Gender discrimination that a girl child is denied bher very basic right to education, she is forced into child marriage in many parts if nation, she is treated inferior to men, she isn’t allow to follow her passion etc.
Now if looked at from a broader perspective these very rights are a must in life of an individual specifically a girl is denied her right to take decisions of her life, live her life the way she wants, restrict her every action it will undoubtedly affect her mental health to the level that the confidence, self-esteem, self respect are shattered basically at the verge of getting many mental health issues including anxiety, severe depression etc. Depression these days has become common as one among four in each family is suffering from depression at the present time according to the survey conducted by World Health organization.
Mental health affects the personality of a person, a person with a mental health issues suffers in silence all alone.
It is our responsibility as friends and family to take note of any such unusual behaviour of our Loved one. Mental health needs to be prioritised like any other health issue and effective measures should be taken at the initial stages to deal with the same.
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