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Aditi Sahu
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No, it is not at all safe for women to travel in India. From every public transport to every public place, no place is safe for women. The cases of groping and sexual harrassment are such a common thing to be heard of when it comes to public transports in India. Even in a broad daylight women never feel safe, from creepy stares to disgusting comments, women are subjected to everything when they are travelling alone. And women cannot even imagine to travel alone during night time.

There are so many cases of women getting touched inappropriately in the buses which are usually very crowded. So it’s not even possible for them to know who did such a disgusting thing, and even if they do know, there’s no point of it, because the perpetrators always have the excuse that it was just accidental due to cramped space. We need stricter laws concerning the sexual exploitations that women face everyday, either while travelling, or in their workplace, or even their in own homes. And it doesn’t just stop at the stricter laws, we need better implementation of those laws too. Perpetrators should never ever get away with their disgusting crimes and they should be severely punished. Only then we can reduce crimes against women in the country. And only then, women can feel safe to travel alone, by freedom and with dignity.