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038 deepika Singh
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Memes are humorous piece of content, often accompanied by an image, introduced to us with the idea of bringing some fun and humour in our lives. They tend to make us laugh and amuse us by particularly ‘joking about things’. But memes comes with a lot of repercussions. It becomes a matter of concern when a single meme turns into misogynistic and sexist joke that brings about hatred and aggression on social media.

It is no mystery that sexism these days have become a norm for many of us. For years, we have heard people throwing common ‘sexist jokes’ in the name of humour but with the evolution of memes and the ever increasing numbers of social media users, the memes have got an elevated platform to grow, in turn making a misogyny and gender issue a mere joke. We as normal human beings without the intention of hurting or targeting any particular gender or community laugh at it ignoring the dark humour behind it. We become naive when it comes to these dark memes and out of fun share it with others. Such memes tends to label feminists fake or even smash the entire existence of feminism and portrays them as hypocrites.

Sexist memes are hard to spot since they are so commonly shared among everyone. But it is important to a keep a check on what you share and like and also question people sharing such misogynistic memes because remaining silent about sexism and misogyny means allowing it to foster. Degrading women for the sake of humour is wrong and needs to be spotted and stopped.