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Aditi Sahu
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Fat shaming means judging, humiliating, or mocking someone because of their overweight. Nowadays a lot of people on social media under the safety net of anonymity, don’t even think twice before leaving hate comments intended to downgrade someone’s appearance. And when these people get called out, their only excuse is that they are looking out for the fat people. So that raises the question, does fat shaming people help them lose weight? The simple answer is a hard NO!

Fat shaming only leads to the feeling of insecurity and inferiority, which in turn leads to poor self-esteem. So instead of inspiring or helping someone to lose weight, the only thing fat shaming is doing is the degradation of someone’s mental health. And not only this, fat shaming has also been known to lead an overweight person to gain weight instead of losing it! As fat shaming affects the mental health of an individual, they are led into the never-ending spiral of anxiety which in turn makes them adopt unhealthy coping mechanisms like binge eating; and that leads to even more weight gain and even lesser self-esteem!

Hence, it is obvious that fat shaming is not helpful in any way, it’s just a form of bullying aimed to make an individual feel bad about themselves.