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You have the right to remain fat is a book which is written by Virgie Tovar who is an author, activist and gives lecturers on body image and fat discrimination. In today’s today’s generation, many people wants to lose weight because it has become mindset in our society that being slim makes you look beautiful, due to which people gets influenced from “fatphobia” means social stigma of obesity, the word fatphobia and how it influenced Virgie Tovar has mentioned in her book. Due to Fat discrimination people usually gets scared and tensed about their weight because of which they get worry about their future rejection. Virgie Tovar also had experienced through the diets at very small age to lose weight but someday she thought to giveup and be comfortable in the way you love yourself due to which she started helping others to believe and deal with the way they are, by giving positive message and thoughts. People should must read this book to change their mindset towards fat people and also it is available on many online websites due to which you will easily get it with so many reviews of recommendation to read this book because of their thoughts towards body image. The book gives the positive message towards society to change their mindset and stop making discrimination against fat people their is nothing wrong if the person wants to remain fat it’s their choice. People who really want motivation and positivity about their body image should must read this book.