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Honestly earlier never knew that fat is also a feminist issue, so basically feminism is raising your voice against inequality in society, patriarchy teaches that women cannot look fat, being fat is considered a big problem in society, so people who are fat have an experience that they have treated in a very different way. They are always judged by people in the society no matter where they go and even mistreated physically and abuse verbally but I don’t understand why people are so unkind to them, no one has the authority to question or demean the other person’s body shape, feminism is always promoting the body positivity in society we have removed the image of being perfect body shape for any work we have influence people to be comfortable in what body they are nothing is wrong with that. Their fat was an activist movement to address the issue of fat injustice and how it is unfair, it is a very big fight and a long way to go because feminists are taking a stand against society strong mindset, fat people are like living with sin, they are even looked as evil by some people. They are never prioritizing employment and even they are paid less, employers believe they hire fat people for jobs they will not actively do the work because they are lazy how can you judge. We should be really nice do not judge them and call them different names for being fat. So just expect our society should change thought processes do not discriminate against anyone.