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In today’s world social media is separated into different section like some people support sexism & on the other side, some people teach what is sexism, many take it as a sarcasm while other take it serious. Anger, hatred, sexism….. are basically normal on social but it is serious because it is increasing day by day on social media, anybody can hate anybody on comments, stories, tweets… .There are many big meme accounts on social media who daily post bad against women & people also support them through hate aggression comments, Now we can see on YouTube by the name of roast people use to hate speech, body shaming & sexism against women. There are many cases against roasters because of promoting hate. Roasters have a habit like if a person make a roast video against women so probably every roaster will do the same. Many people used to make fake accounts just to harras women, hate comments & body shaming. There is a TV show by the name “TROLL POLICE” With was created by RANVIJAY on 2017, on that show he call the celebrities & the people who bullying them via fake accounts, the main aim of the show is to create awareness & highlight the view of cyber bullying. Girls and women should raise their voice against wrong and people should not support and encourage such things like memes which creates bad impact towards women.