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Manpreet Singh
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Are women safe while TRAVEL IN INDIA? Is it appropriate that women visitors should be concerned about travel security? What are the most crucial tips for women traveling to India? These are some of the major issues and concerns for women when they plan a vacation to India. Indian travel is distinct from a number of other destinations. This isn’t for all. You must be ready, confident, and careful, and well senseful. You must be ready. However, if you feel that you are calling India.
The horror of the attack and the valiant fight of the young woman for life attacked the nation and the world and for several weeks dominated the media. In India, during this time it was dreadful and exciting. The horrific case broke open in India – and all of a sudden everybody talked about “eve-teasing,” the sexual assault, and the safety of women. This dreadful tragedy was the subject. Massive protests took place, particularly in Delhi, and strong pressure was placed on the administration to make reforms. A young woman’s horrific death was a terrible price to pay for bringing out all of this. India is frequently selected for women’s treatment. I believe it is crucial to recognize the distinction between growing up to be a woman and visiting a females tourist in India, although India surely has a role in societal problems and gender discrimination. I also believe a certain level of media bias, stereotyping and sensationalization is vital to realize. Since 2012, India’s unfavorable media focus has developed a perception that is neither statistically nor reality-based completely. The truth is that for women everywhere, the world is not secure. And absolutely you should NOT go anywhere that makes you feel uncomfortable. There is no doubt that India is a hard location for travel. I constantly advise people to join a group or to go to an expert friend. There is no doubt that there is a learning curve in India. I am always the first person to admit that some handling, prudence, and common sense, goes a long way. That’s why I began Indian personalized touring for beginners.