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The fourth wave of feminism began in the year 2012 and the wave of fourth feminism mainly focused on women empowerment and use of technology’s use of the internet and online tools at that time digitalization was just start and feminist people were empowering females to be independent. This wave also raised issues on sexual harassment and body shaming, rape culture these issues should be shared voiced by people on social media. Women of all countries came together to protest against the sexual harassment that was happening to women this iconic movement was shared by a lot of people on Facebook and Twitter. People need to change their views this message spread online to a lot of people across the country it was a #mee too movement. Even media also played a huge this wave people, voices and opinions were showed which was not included. this wave was very diverse because we have the benefit of online tools to work out everything. Twitter hot talks were started between feminists and anti-feminists some people were supporting some people were opposing. So the fourth wave was all about this.