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Female Foeticide means doing abortion, after knowing their is a girl child in mother’s Womb. It is illegal in india but than also their are people who practice it. Society needs to stop doing this practice of female foeticide. Both girls and boys has rights to live, no one has rights to kill a girl child in mother womb. People who practices female foeticide gets the punishment of three years of jail with penalty of Rs 50,000. Most of the female foeticide are practice due to dowry, child marriage, women’s unemployment. Their are people in our society who torture and forcefully ask doctor to tell gender of the baby. Due to which it leads with abortion of girl child. Because some people think that having girl child is sin for them. This thinking is wrong. Society need to change their thinking towards girl child. Having baby is blessing, people should not see the gender for loving a child. They should feel happy with whatever they are blessed with, rather it can be boy or girl both should be consider as equal. People are following their norms and rituals only by being biased towards women. Society usually thinks son can earn and support their family and daughter are going to get married and goes to other family due to which they will not get support from daughter financially because of which many people wants boy through which it leads to female foeticide. But they should understand that daughter are equal like son they can also take care and support their family in their parent’s old age. In rural areas, this type of cases are more seen because the mentality is still biased towards women. Due to lack of development and education problem, most of the female foeticide is practice because they consider girl child as sin. Their should be end of gender inequality than only this kind of things will get prevent.