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An unplanned pregnancy or unwanted pregnancy means having pregnancy when you don’t want child for a period of time. Most of the unplanned pregnancies happens due to not using Contraception correctly. In United states, 42% of unplanned pregnancies lead with abortions, 92% of abortions is caused due to unplanned pregnancies. To stop unplanned pregnancies you should use effective Contraception or emergency Contraception. Due to unplanned pregnancies cases of abortions are increasing day by day because of not having reproductive life plan and not taking proper Contraception to avoid pregancy. Women with Unplanned pregnancies may also effect the risk of baby’s low weight, premature baby due to which baby will faces with poor physical and mental health. Maternal health is very important for women but due to unplanned pregnancy it may affects their maternal health which may lead to reproductive health problems. Because of unplanned pregnancy women and child will go through with consequences like medical complications, child’s Infact mortality, prenatal care, Behavioural risks in pregnancy, child’s poor health and development. Women may also get suffer from perinatal depression, stress due to unplanned pregnancy. Mostly unwanted pregnancy deliver premature child having low birth weight. Their are many Contraception methods like combined pills, condoms, Contraceptive injections, diaphragms, Contraceptive patch, caps, vaginal ring, Contraceptive implant which will help women to avoid pregnancy but they should take it correctly and consistently, otherwise it may lead to unplanned pregnancies. Many women with unwanted pregnancy gets stressed about parenting for child and it result with abortions or adoption of child. Their are women who are not prepared for pregnancy but due to having unwanted pregnancy they goes through with many mental and physical problems because their mind is not prepare for such unwanted pregnancy this is the also reason for increasing cases of abortions. Their should be awareness about Contraception methods which will help in decreasing of abortions cases due to unplanned pregnancy.