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Entertainment industry is unsafe for women, we may not see this because from outside it all glamour, lamplight ,money and fame but in real scenario it is very different for the women to make position in industry when new girls go for audition they don’t know much how people cast them they are told to do very wrong things which is very awkward for them like they are told to sleep with director do something to impress director in sexually appealing way by doing this they will get cast in movies and we can see director has power they can make and break life of any actress so to maintain good relations with industry big people they have to do this, even there parties consist of drugs, alcohol and make out, so when women steps she is very different as person but is not easy come out for that bubble still there lot of changes has brought, but not many people support this changes some women have live in fear because their secretes can get leaked in media and we know how much Indian audience is attach with entertainment industry actresses and actors. If the actress simultaneously flops then it becomes very difficult for them to maintain their lavish lifestyle. In the Sushant sing Rajput murder case, we have how many people’s reality checks happen and how many people were living in depression or anxiety they were suffering through it. Their many types of people who come into this industry but survive only a few and having a good network is very important in this industry.