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Mostly effective methods of Contraception helps to plan or to avoid pregnancy. There are different methods of Contraception like combined pill, caps, condoms, diaphragms, vaginal ring, natural family planning, Contraceptive patch, Contraceptive injection, Contraceptive implant and more. Condoms are the one which is used mostly to avoid pregnancy. It is easily available, it has low cost, esay to use and mainly it protects from sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Having Birth control pills in a proper way will avoid pregnancy because it’s failure rate is less than 1% which means 100 in 1 women will get pregnancy than they are using this pills in a correct manner. To avoid pregnancy for long time like 4 or 5 years than it may not be esay to use condoms or birth Control pills for long period for that there is solution called copper T it blocks sperms from fertilizing egg and it fitted in uterus through this way it prevents pregnancy. Copper T is very effective way for birth Control because of it’s failure rate is less than 1% and it is one procedure for 3 to 5 years due to which it is also cost effective. And it will not protect you from sexually transmitted diseases for that while using copper T you may use condoms to get protection. The Other long acting method is Injectable Contraceptives called as Depo Provera which contains progesterone and it is has to be taken every 12 weeks. It is also very effective method and it’s failure rate is very low. It is esay to use but by using this injection some women will gain their weight. And if you use injection for long time than it will makes your bones weak due to which it is recommended that one should not use more than 2 years. These methods will help women to prevent from pregnancy.