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Menstruation is very natural thing from which every women’s goes through. Every girls and women should must take care of their Menstrual hygiene on your period. Women should keep changing their sanitary pads every 4 to 5 hours because if you keep the sanitary pads for long hours it may get affect to vagina with rashes or infections. Washing your vagina properly while changing sanitary pad is must so that you will not get affect from transmission of the bacteria or infections. Avoid using artificial products or soaps for vaginal hygiene while going through menstruation it may lead to growth of bacteria and infections. Their are some women who use 2 sanitary pads at ones they should not do that it gets affect to your vagina with rashes or infection, they should use one sanitary pads at a time. Using clean washroom will help you to maintain menstrual hygiene. In market their are various types of sanitary pads from different companies girls and women should see to that which sanitary pad is comfortable for them and will not affect vagina due to roughness of the sanitary pads. Taking bath regularly is very important while going through menstruation it will helps you to get relief from menstrual cramps and it will make you feel fresh. In villages, their should campaigns and organizations for women who are not aware of menstrual hygiene and the use of sanitary pads instead of cloth or ash. Because of using cloth and not having menstrual hygiene due to which many women are getting affected from infections like urinary tract infections, dermatitis. It is happening because women aren’t aware of menstrual hygiene. News channels should also make small sessions on menstrual hygiene through which it will help women to know about menstrual hygiene. Women and girls should take care of herself while going through periods because it is necessary and important to taking care of menstrual hygiene so that you will not get affect from disease or infections.