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Women need to take individual health plans because for their safety a female body can get easily many diseases or nowadays, we can see a lot of changes are happening we can see that many new diseases. But women are working every now and then they are so busy in their life and work they can barely get a chance to look at their health. So having a health plan will help the women. These days insurance companies have some special insurance policies for women an individual health plan, women really need to grab this policy because the future is very uncertain. Indian women are always ignored for their health concerns and women don’t need to be dependent when they want to do any surgery or operation, they can use insurance in case of an emergency. Insurance companies have many options even if one cannot afford a large amount of insurance plan it’s totally fine insurance companies with different plans according to the budget of the customer. Not only women but everyone should take individual health plans. Our government needs to encourage people to insurance people and create awareness about it because in rural areas no women have an idea about the individual health plan. Nowadays most of the women are earning and women who are staying at home they also take care of house they need to provide health insurance plan as a safeguard. According to research, only 2% of women have taken the individual health plan this statistic shows that how many women are barely concern about their health. Women should seriously take this plan it has a lot of benefits.