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Manpreet Singh
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A time of unbelievable joy is what a mom experiences when a newborn is in her arms — a joy that every mom should be allowed to experience. But this memory will never happen for many pregnant women in India, the moment of birth is often terrible. Maternal death has been seen as the major health indicator, with well-known, largely avoidable, and curable direct causes of maternal death. Almost 2/3 of all maternal deaths are most commonly due to serious difficulties, such as severe bleeding, infections (normally after birth), high blood pressure (pre-eclampsia and eclampsia), delivery issues, and uncertain abnormalities. For 2016-2018, the Indian Maternal Mortality Ratio(MMR) is 113/100 000 live births (17 points) from 130 to 100 000 live births in 2014-2016, according to the latest report of the national sample registration system (SRS). This refers to 2,500 more mothers that were saved per year in 2018 compared to 2016. The total anticipated annual maternal mortality decreased to 26,437 in 2018, from 33,800 maternal mortality in 2016. The number one cause of death for girls between the ages of 15 and 19 years is pregnancy-related problems. Because teenagers continue to grow themselves, if they become pregnant they are more vulnerable to difficulties. In pregnancy, every woman has access to prenatal care, competent childcare, and support in the weeks after birth. All deliveries should be supported by qualified medical personnel since the timely management and treatment of both the mother and the infant might influence life and death. However, due to gaps in knowledge, policies, and resources availability, the coverage of life-saving health interventions and practices remains poor. There is a gap among the rich and poor in some locations as well as an urban-rural split. Access to health treatments sometimes depends on and where a family or mother lives.