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Many women in India are part of the health care sector they serve in hospitals being doctors, nurses, and community health workers. All women are real warriors they try to maintain hygiene and take care of patients like their family and make sure nobody gets infected or recover from disease fast, but still, they don’t get a chance to become leaders, why? Indian health care system is very partial towards its very disheartening when we hear from the news that women are not getting paid on time by working 24*7, and we all know the condition of Indian working women they have the responsibility of home after managing all this without a complaint they go the hospital, but still, they don’t get what they worth of its kind of frustrating from them it also somewhere demotivates women in health care especially for senior doctors, department of healthcare should implement a policy which can provide equal opportunities for men and women or for others so everyone can get recognition this problem will be solved. A lot of male leaders in health care do not want to give up their position because of their male ego issue they don’t like to follow the female leaders and take orders from them because have this attribute sincere and work on the timelines. Male need to change this biased behavior some times need to give chance to women to lead if they go wrong males should support them. I think the media should highlight this issue and let women get the opportunity to become leaders, women in health care need to keep fighting for what they deserve.