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Yes, domestic violence has a very ill effect on children, most of them get traumatized by seeing it on their mother and they live in fear and depression. They start hating their parents and their education health everything effect because of this. Seeing violence women’s children feel men can easily do anything they can’t dominate women and some children learn this attitude they tried to do the same when they grew up with girls, first violence is crime its women’s who keeps suffering. Women need to complain or give divorce because this women’s, as well as child suffering, is getting ruined. When a child watches the love between other parents he feels very disheartened. And unloved. Most of the parents of children fight shamelessly in front of a child without caring about who will affect them. the child lives in fear of consequences they do not love to share anything with their parents. Little girls think it is normal for women to face violence, she also learns to adjust like her mother. They cannot enjoy childhood happily they always have a threat in mind, it lives patches in their rest of life. If parents see their child is in trauma after watching the violence they need to physiatrists. Women need to understand they can’t keep suffering always. The child needs love care and nurtures from both the parents, they are very attentive and observant of everything which happens around them. firstly, parents do not have to fight in Infront of kids even if things are heating up between, they should make sure their kid is not around and try to solve without being violent, women need to raise up their voices and make sure their man gets punishments for his very wrong violence on innocent women and putting their child in trauma make sure he has to pay for it.