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In today’s generation, Many woman wants perfect body shape for that they do many exercises, crash diets and what not. But women should not forcefully do diets and exercise just because they want to be slimmer with perfect body shape by looking others it doesn’t make sense, women need to understand that all body shapes are beautiful. Women should never make comparison yourself with others. And same goes with skin tone, woman should not use products to look fairer because it is not good for your skin and you should not feel shy or uncomfortable with your skin tone, you should feel good with your skin colour. Every skin colour is beautiful in their own way. Woman Should do exercise and yoga daily for their health not just because you want to be slimmer. And woman should not do crash diets it will be not good for your health because your body needs all kind of nutrition like vegetables, proteins, fruits, carbohydrates, vitamins. But then also, if you prefer crash diet it will get affect to your health and immune system instead you should consult dietician to have proper intake of nutrition. Woman Should drink lots of water and be hydrated because it will keep you energetic and also gives glow to your skin. Woman Should have sleep for 7 to 8 hours because your body need rest and if you don’t give rest to your body it will start affect on your work due to weakness and sleepy mood, so you should have proper sleep to feel fresh and energetic for the next day of your work. Woman Should specially take care of their menstrual hygiene because many women use cloth due to which it will affect their vaginal area, instead woman should start using good quality of pads. Women should do meditation daily to relax their mind due to which it will not get affect to your mental health problems.
All these things woman should know about her body.